Congratulations on making the Lassiter Juniors White/Developmental team!

Some of the practice days, times, or locations may change based on court/gym availability, but Coach LeAnn will let you know in advance.

LASSITER JUNIORS NIGHT – Thursday, September 7 vs. Sprayberry

Date Time Location
8/3/23 6pm-7pm New Gym
8/6/23 4pm-5:30pm New Gym
8/11/23 5pm-6pm New Gym
8/13/23 4pm-5:30pm New Gym
8/20/23 4pm-5:30pm New Gym
8/31/23 6pm-7:30pm *Old Gym
9/17/23 4pm-5:30pm New Gym


Lassiter Junior Scrimmage/ Tournament

9/10/23 4pm-6pm New Gym