Player List

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Player List

1Camille McCrawLassiterDefensive Specialist
2Elaina HoffeckerLassiter Junior Varsity
3Hollis WeberLassiterDefensive Specialist
4Kendall BuiceLassiterOutside Hitter
5Caroline YoungLassiter Junior Varsity
6Andrea Garzon-PenaLassiterSetter
7Katie BochniakLassiterSetter
8Isabella CoraLassiter Junior Varsity
9McKenna BeaulieuLassiter Junior Varsity
10Ella FiorelliLassiterDefensive Specialist
11Margaret DelaplaneLassiter Junior Varsity
12Claire WalterLassiter Junior Varsity
13Claire BillupsLassiterDefensive Specialist
14Maddy Doriety-
15Katy BruccianiLassiterOutside Hitter
16Lily LatimerLassiter
17Payton TiceLassiter Junior Varsity
18Lauren McCabeLassiterOpposite
19Lillianna GrierLassiter Junior Varsity
20Carys NyboerLassiter Junior Varsity
21Kate KudlacLassiterMiddle Blocker, Outside Hitter
22Olivia EichelzerLassiterMiddle Blocker, Opposite
23Savannah RamstromLassiter Junior Varsity
24Sophia KinneyLassiter Junior Varsity
25Reilly MartyLassiter
26Eileen GrouchnikovLassiter Junior Varsity
27Sofia CornelissenLassiterDefensive Specialist, Outside Hitter
28Kirsten LindhardtLassiter
29Rebecca WatkinsLassiterOutside Hitter
30Jillian DunphyLassiter Junior Varsity
31Riley DickersonLassiter Junior Varsity
32Olivia McCordLassiter
33Kaitlyn FowlerLassiter Junior Varsity
34Kendall HuttoLassiter
35Amelia WilsonLassiter Junior Varsity
36Ava FiorelliLassiterMiddle Blocker, Opposite
37Lisa NjorogeLassiter Junior Varsity
38Jenna Muetterties-Defensive Specialist
39Catie GasqueLassiter
40Bailey McBrideLassiter Junior Varsity
41Sofia CruzLassiter Junior Varsity

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“The will to win is more important than the skill to win. It is possible to achieve only what you actively pursue. Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. Keep your head high and work hard every day, because you’ll never get that day back.”

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